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Vincent Gordon

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My style can be best described as character-based cartoon collage. It is a conscious mix of situational humor and social commentary full of bright, saturated and exotic color concepts and designs.

My message is one of unity, peace, love, understanding, discipline, self-awareness, creativity, personal and social responsibility, happiness, community, truth and testing, pushing and inevitably breaking the rules. I don't care if the viewer laughs, cries, screams, shouts, shakes or dances as long as they feel something and are remind that they are still responsible for their own happiness. As a society we don't have to accept this cookie-cutter American dream full of Ritalin, Fox News, baseball and economically convenient Jesus-fueled Hallmark holidays! We are in charge of creating our own American dream; individual and free of judgment and oppression!
I find inspiration in all walks of life: music, the bright blue sky with fluffy, white clouds disrupting its overwhelming monotony, the manipulative nature or the media, the trials and tribulations of love, the history that shapes the future, our many emotions and the overall childlike carefree love of life that so many of us forget to enjoy. its a stop and smell the flowers type of thing!

As a live painter I provide a window into my creative process and technique all the while building a deeper personal creative connection between audience, artwork and artist. live painting helps me grow and develop and provides an intimate platform to show and sell my work and gives the audience a chance to check out new and current creations. A live painting platform also brings my work into the "mainstream" public eye the majority of which aren't normally going to galleries to view art!

I currentlly live in san diego sharing my time in my hometown chicago, my home away from home san francisco and anywhere else the artwork may take me

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