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Sean Dietrich

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I paint live in front of over 2 million people per year at various festivals, nightclubs, charity events and gallery openings--that is the essence of my art. I'm not running naked through the desert like the Burning Man set, but I'm also not the artist that feels the need to create a 75 word title for their art because the painting itself didn't reflect the artist's confidence in relaying the message. It's created for the intelligent and energetic, the questioning and for those who leave little burden for others to carry. I help to carry the flame of Gonzo art, as well as make sure that the generations that fought in the Great Wars aren't forgotten, and that those still alive and haunted by what they had to do have an ally on the homefront. My art is not there to make sure the couch and the drapes look good together, it's there to stimulate conversation, and to solidify the art buying experience into something that makes the buyer proud and not confused, or stuck following trends. We would all love to have that amazing piece of art that really reflects who we are and what we can accomplish, and that's where I come in. Art is a luxury in the realm of what is necessary for survival, but it's a necessity in order for civilization to thrive, and I believe the artists ability to hold themselves accountable for what they produce, especially in an environment where money is being spent on it, should be as important as the ability to manipulate paint or pencil. My artwork reflects the energy of the times, as well as the residual of past worlds and lives. I believe in the edict of respecting your elders, learning from your past, pushing the limits of what you create, and continuing to work in the space other artists fear to tread.

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