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Patrick Maxcy

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Patrick Maxcy was born in DeLand, Fl and raised in Flagler Beach, Fl. Growing up in a creative household full of art and music helped mold his creative side. Patrick began his interest in art at a young age. Designing and even owning his own t-shirt company at age six.

Patrick attended Florida School of the Arts where he earned an Associates degree in Painting & Graphic Design. After extensive traveling, painting, and exhibiting, Patrick relocated to Boca Raton to pursue a BFA in studio art/ painting from Florida Atlantic University. Patrick also pursued his teaching degree and taught high school art for several years before returning to the art world full time.

Since then, Patrick has worked with several select non-profit organizations, traveling and creating large scale murals in different locations in North America, South America, and Africa. He also spends a majority of his time working out of his studio; Combining world, environmental, & personal stories through various creatures and design. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

He has done design & commissioned paintings for such clients as Red Bull, Jedidiah, Dispatch, TOMS shoes, History channel, Ocearch, Light Gives Heat, LoveLight&Melody, Braddigan, Amor, thegluenetwork, 180 South, US Humane Society, & Christian Surfers International. Patrick's work has been published in numerous publications. In late 2011 Patrick curated "In the Midst of Hope", a successful 40 person art show in Colorado.

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