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Neville Page

As with many young boys in the late 70s, “Star Wars” had such a profound impact that it inspired Neville to pursue the field of entertainment. He wanted to be in sci-fi movies and at the time he did not even know that design existed. At 17, Neville packed up the car and drove cross-country to Hollywood to pursue the infamous dream.

After completing two years of acting school, waiting tables, performing stand-up comedy, and a few bit parts in soap operas, he realized his true calling was design. He graduated with honors from Art Center College of Design in 1990 and immediately started a design consultancy with his roommate, who would eventually become his best friend and studio partner, Scott Robertson.

Together he and Scott developed a wide range of products from durable medical goods to action figures. Eventually, they found themselves teaching at the Art Center campus in Switzerland until its unfortunate closure in 1996. Upon returning to Los Angeles, Neville resumed teaching at Art Center and took on the position as Assistant Chair of Product Design. Additionally, he teaches at the Otis College of Art and Design and also at The Gnomon School of Visual Effects. Neville has recently finished the new Star Trek Beyond film and is currently working on theTV series in development for Star Trek. Additionally, he has numerous projects in the works for film and television and is prepping a script and shoot for a feature he is slated to direct.

He is still passionately involved with his efforts of activism in animal welfare, environmental awareness and human rights.

Page’s growing portfolio includes the feature films “Minority Report,” “Planet of the Apes”, “X-Men 2 & 3”, “The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe”, “Avatar”, “Cloverfield”, “The Watchmen”, “The Hulk”, “Star Trek”, “Tron“, “Star Trek Into Darkness.”

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