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Nathan Gibbs

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Enviro-Surf and proclaimed “Earth’s Minister of Propaganda”, artist Nathan Paul Gibbs was born in Washington State on the Kitsap Peninsula, and raised from 13 on, in North East Florida where he picked up surfing. Since 1999 he lives and works on his art career in South Orange County. Nathan has created surf art work internationally in Fiji, Bora Bora, Moorea, Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii and Australia and has shown work in over 6 countries. His work has exhibited in Florida, Washington, Oregon, New York, Hawaii, South America and California. He has been in over 53 gallery exhibits and shows, and been featured in 29 web and print publications. He has created over 330 pieces of art, much of it environmentally based. Self taught, he is influenced by Pollock, Van Gough, Cezanne, and others.

In addition Nathan wrote and illustrated the acclaimed environmentally conscious story and art book, The Betrayal of Man. He also founded and designs the line for the underground surf clothing company Define Surf.Nathan was awarded the 2007 1st Annual Earth Day: "GAIA" Environmental Award for his constant efforts in providing philanthropic support to water related charities. To date his contributions through his art to the Surfrider Foundation and Surf Aid international have raised over $30,000. In addition he has donated work to another 16 charities. Taking his paintings to a deeper level, Nathan invokes participation from the viewer with a visual, emotional, and cognitive experience. He attempts to do more than just paint a beautiful wave, or a pretty sunset. It is about a memory, issue or environmental message.

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