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GD Garner

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GD Garner spent 5 years on a global expedition to all seven continents engaging indigenous cultures in search of the essence of life. His work chronicles those experiences and fuses them with his fervent imagination and exploitation of vibrant color.

The artist's work has been featured on the red carpet of numerous Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Sundance events as well as appearing on network, cable and public television shows, major feature films and countless A list celebrities.

Other highlights include:

As a result of his high profile work GD has become a good will ambassador for one of the UNs largest ECOSOC organizations helping educate woman and children through out Africa

Recently the City of LA honored GD as an artist by hanging his work in Pershing Square.

His Artist statement for that event is below:

This L.A. based artist is well known for his use of vibrant color and visual story telling. But perhaps, he is best known for the rugged journals he carries through the streets of Los Angeles documenting his relentless exchange with the city.

Bars, cafes, parks, and even buses serve as his back drop as he creates each piece of work in the company of complete strangers.

The Pershing Square exhibit consists of pieces done primarily in L.A. after the artist returned from a five year global expedition. From the heights of Mt. Everest to the lows of Death Valley his prior work tells the story of a man searching for answers on each of the seven continents. 

Upon arriving in L.A. the artist's use of color expanded greatly to mirror his perception of the environment around him. He describes it as "a nucleus of atomic color being held by trembling grey hands". 

The inspiration for his L.A. work was drawn from the city's unknown artists, aspiring musicians and struggling actors, all refusing to be contained. 

It's for this reason the work explodes with color and energy symbolizing the uncontainable nature of creativity.

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