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Deep gazes, halos, long necks, blossoming skins, gold leaves, secrets and stars..."

Evgeniya Golik (aka Evgola) is a Russian born artist based in San Diego, California.

She graduated Art School at the age of 17, and having studied at the Far Eastern State Technical University in Vladivostok, Russia Evgeniya graduated and earned her degree in Design and Architecture. In a present moment Evgeniya is full time fine artist, freelance designer, body painter. She also gives art classes and classes of face and body painting at Makeup Academy, San Diego.

Inspired by the European Renaissance, Russian Orthodox icons, Slavic folklore, fairy tales and modern pop culture (fashion, photography, cinematography, music), Evgola’s art combines a classic sensibility within a contemporary setting, something which artist self defines as 'Modern Renaissance'. Past, present and future entwine and become one.

Using a variety of media, her work combines real world portraiture with imaginative and often surreal narratives to highlight and reveal her subject's personalities.

Evgola's haunting paintings and drawings are doors to a mystical realm, one which showcases a myriad of beautiful human faces and fantastical creatures, that seek to express their secret through esoteric language.

Her art has been exhibited notably at The Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA), Museum Of Latin American Art (MOLAA) and in various Galleries within the USA and Europe, as well as being published and commissioned by private collectors all over the world.!

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