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Daniel Jaimes

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Daniel Jaimes was born and raised in San Diego, CA. The second youngest of 10 children, he often used art to escape the adversities of the real world by creating an imaginary world of his own. Daniel got his start by drawing spaceships, battle scenes and characters from a little known movie called Star Wars at the age of 10 and continued all the way through high school and into his early twenties as a hobby but never took his talent seriously until the passing of his Father in 2006. Daniel wanted to give his grieving Mother something very special, therefore he literally locked himself up in his garage with only two days before the funeral services…and just like that, began drawing all over again. What originally started as a self-portrait, ended up becoming a life collage of fond memories of him…His Mother loved it! From that point forward he re-learned and re-trained his drawing and cartooning skills as it vastly improved with the help of better tools/materials, and the hundreds of hours of non-stop practice which re-kindled his love for Art again. March, 2010: Daniel challenged himself again by purchasing my first canvas, brushes, acrylic paints and just like that started painting. The first three attempts using brushstrokes were disastrous and frustrating. As a result, he went back to the drawing board (literally) and started painting the way he’s been drawing… carefully and patiently using a Pixilating technique which is small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an larger image with no brushstrokes!. Pixilating has the same characteristics as the pixels on your HDTV and/or digital photos which is better known in the Art World as "Pointillism" created by Georges Seurat in 1886. Within a year of developing this skill, Daniel saw the results of his work as his paintings continues to evolve piece after piece as he continues to define the diligence style of the Old Master in today's Pop Culture and Movie Icons which is recognized and appreciated by many at every live art shows in which he demonstrates this technique from people’s homes, Coffee shops, Wineries, Galleries, Beautiful Hotels, Live Music Concert Halls, Charity events and Comic Con. He is motivated by the truth that it’s never too late to do what you love! Most importantly of all…his Father: Ruben Jaimes Sr.

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